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Camera Obscura - The Last Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Camera Obscura - The Last Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Last Song
Camera Obscura
The Last Song 
By Camera Obscura

Capo on first fret.

Standard tuning

A – A
I can't call you
My phone will be relieved
You can't call me
'Cause someone else will feel deceived
I don't understand this
How did you get hold of me?
D                         A
You've got me questioning my fidelity
            C#m              D
I'll send a package in the post
C#m              D
I've got love to send
C#m                    D
Should I want you the most?
It feels like I have no defense
A – A 
A                        C#m
The tree in my garden is blossoming still
It's late this year
It's just like me, it's wavering
Going through the motions
I want to be at home
D                                 A
It's an effort to get on this plane at all
C#m             D
It was love for sure
       C#m          D
Every cliché in the book
C#m                  D
I loved you more and more
E                      A
With every desperate look
A – A – C#m – D - A
A – C#m – D – A 
D – A – D – A
D – A –  E – A - A
Don't thank me for breakfast
With your naked skin
Don't lie, don't pretend
You feel anything
A                          C#m
My heart is no longer a friend of mine
D                     A
It wants to betray me most of the time
C#m            D
I love you my darling
C#m            D
I love you my friend
C#m            D
I love you my darling
E                             A
But it feels like this is the end.

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Добавлено: 11.04.2012
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