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Cal Smith - Mamas Face - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cal Smith - Mamas Face - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mamas Face
Cal Smith
G                D7            G
My mama loved my dad for fifty years

        C                              G
And she worked along beside him in the fields

C                          G                  C
He never gave her much but he gave her all he had

G              D7          G
Dad's the only reason mama lived

G                    D7              G
My mama's face would light up like a diamond

     C                             G
Each time my daddy walked into the room

C                                 G             C
She'd stop what she was doing and put her arms around him

G              D7            G
Dad's the only world my mama knew

           D7            G
Mama never saw her roses bloom that year

    C                              G
The angels came before the robin's song

C                         G
Mama said she didn't mind going on ahead

                    D7                  G
But heaven won't be heaven till daddy's home

G                  D7         G
When mama left she left dad a lonely man

       C                                 G
But he talked to mama like she was still here

C                                      G                      C
He'd talk about the hard times and the good times that they'd had

G                       D7              G
As his old mind slipped back across the years

            D7                G
Daddy never plowed his fields again

     C                                  G
He'd just sat down and wait his time to come

C                              G            C
Then one day he said I think I hear a choir singing

G                      D7                G
He closed his eyes and went to live with mom

C                                                             G
Lord I wanna thank you for the years they were here for me to love

    C                                                         G
And though it's hard to let 'em go Lord I know I'd let 'em go again

If I could just have been there

And seen my mama's face when dad walked in
Добавлено: 09.12.2015
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