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Cal Smith - Arizona Whiz - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cal Smith - Arizona Whiz - аккорды и текст, видео

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Arizona Whiz
Cal Smith
G                             C                 G
The campus crowd was noisy as we waited for the show

Everyone had come to see the king of rock and roll

    G                                 C                   G
But when they pulled back the curtain one old man stepped out

                              D7                 G
He climbed upon a stool and a hush fell upon the crowd

G                               C                G
He said folks I'm sorry but the star ain't gonna show

He missed the plane in Abilene and they said to let you know

    G                            C                   G
But they'll give back your money anytime you want to leave

                                        D7                 G
Then he took out his old mouth harp and he wiped it on his sleeve

   C                                                 G
He sang about the Mardi Gras some blues and love and war

    C                            G            D7
And how nobody takes the time to care much anymore

   C                                                       G
He played that harp like it was part of that old guitar of his

                                   D7              G
And truth was just a natural thing for the Arizona Whiz

G                            C                G
Then he sang a song of glory and how he'd fly away

Said thank you folks you sure been nice then he left the stage

G                                       C                   G
Though they only paid him 20 bucks that night the world was his

                                     D7             G
Cause not a soul walked out the door on the Arizona Whiz

       C                                              G
He was old and he was wrinkled he was bent and he was broke

     C                               G                D7
In a pair of faded blue jeans with a scarf around his throat

    C                                                G
And he could sing a hurtin' song like the memory was his
                               D7             G
You could almost see the scars on the Arizona Whiz

G                                         C                      G
Folks I'd like to say this song's for you but to tell it like it is

                                 D7          G
If you don't mind this one's for the Arizona Whiz
Добавлено: 05.11.2015
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