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Caedmons Call - I Waited - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Caedmons Call - I Waited - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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I Waited
Caedmons Call
		   "I Waited" by Caedmon's Call
From "The Guild Collection Volume 1"
Words and music by Bill Batstone
Copyright 1982 Maranatha! Music ASCAP
Psalm 40:1-6

Open in G, standard-tuned six-string acoustic.  Praise, upbeat tempo in 4.

Chord  -  Name
320003    G
X02013    Am7 (hammer 2nd string)
X32013    C
XX0232    D (hammer 1st string)
XX0233    Dsus4 (hammer 1st string)
022000    Em
200232    D/F#
X32033    C9

[chorus]  G, Am7, C, D, Dsus4
I waited
For the Lord on High
I waited
And He heard my cry

[verse 1]  Em, D/F#, G, Em, D/F#, C9 (2X) Dsus4
He took me out, out of despair
And showed my where to walk
From fear into security
From quicksand into the light

[verse 2]  Em, D/F#, G, Em, D/F#, C9 (2X) Dsus4
I sing to let the people know
That I have been restored
G they will kneel and understand
To return and trust in the Lord

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