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Burtzlaff - Weep Here First - аккорды и текст

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Burtzlaff - Weep Here First - аккорды и текст

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Weep Here First
Name: Jimmy Cohburn

Band: Burtzlaff

Song: Weep Here First (little one)

Album: Attack of the Burtzlaff

This is a great song and a great song for beginners to learn to play because 
it is fairly easy. The song is the 3rd song of there 2nd Cd (Attack of the 

There is some picking of these chords in the beginning. Before you get to 
the strumming. Since I'm pressed for time, just listen to the cd.

The strumming for the intro gets progressivly faster. so listen for that as 

    Bm    G6    D    A7

e-   0     0    2     0
Bm   2     3    3     2
Gm   2     0    2     0
Dm   0     0    0     2
Am   2     2    X     0
Em   0     3    X     X

Verse and intro are the same.

Bm               G6
Weep here first l...
D                 A7
Before you go out i...
D                 A7
Before they take a...
Bm               G/D
Weep ....

Well that's it sorry i couldn't go into alot more detail on how to play this 
song. But those are the chords and the rest of the song revolves around 
those chords.

G/D -320033
G6  -320030
Bm  -020220
D   -XX0232
A7  -X02020

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Добавлено: 22.07.2013
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