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Burlap To Cashmere - Chop Chop - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Burlap To Cashmere - Chop Chop - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы музыки: Steven Delopoulos

Chop Chop
Burlap To Cashmere
		   Title:  Chop Chop
Artist:  Burlap to Cashmere
Album:  Anybody Out There
(C) 1997 Steven Delopoulos Publishing (ASCAP)

I am not responsible for any errors on the tab.  This is my own transcription.  If there
are any errors, please notify me.
Guitar1 in standard tuning.
(Guitar2 capo on 5th fret.)

Intro:  G-Am7-Em7-F#/D (picking patern)

Verse 1:
  G       Am7   Em7        D
  An AWOL lover flies undercover
  G            Am7        Em7  D
  Before she's crucified
  G           Am7        Em7       D
  Cause her ambitions are their suspicions
  G  Am7       Em7             D
  Of different culture pride

  And the world is crying 
  As we move along
  And the world is trying 
  As we move along
  D(A)                           Am(Em)
  But they're still chopping our tongues for a song
  Yeaaaaaah  Yeaaaaaah Yeaaah   They're singing
  G(D)       Am(Em)
  Chop Chop, Tongue, Toungue
  Em(Bm)      D(A)
  That's where we're from
  G(D)           Am(Em)        Em(Bm)  D(A)
  That's what we always wore
  G(D) Am(Em)       Em(Bm)       D(A)
  If I retell, that's where man fell
  G(D)        Am(Em)         Em(Bm)  D(A)
  When he put foot on floor

Verse 2:(same as verse1)
  A cool breeze wind blows

  Breaks cynic windows

  Time to obliviate

  The radiation burns segregation

  Leader evacuates



Verse 3:(same as verse1)

  Chop chop

  Man's sin, that's where we've been

  That's what we're forced to buy

  We're killing lovers, sisters and brothers,

  Then there's that question why

Chorus (2x):      
Добавлено: 04.09.2013
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