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Buried Dreams - Preemptive Solution - текст песни, видео

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Buried Dreams - Preemptive Solution - текст песни, видео

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[Lyrics: De Yta]
[Music: Valdespino]

Rage and hate
Is what I felt just before it came
What it once was fear
Now it's the purest lust
On the search for eternity
We've forgotten all the sins
To foresee our destiny
And regain what we've lost

Betrayed by the light
Only one vision in hopeless times
Betrayed by the night
Corrupted minds closing their eyes
Now you're in front of the truth
But you can't really see on through
After all what you've done
There is no solution, it's all gone

For all you've seen
And tasted
Preemptive solution

Forgotten once, is all now comming back!

Don't hear what they say
Don't see what they are
Just look in your mind
And be the strongest you can
Dreams and thoughts
Are about to be real
Your path is unknown
Starvation will come

Faces turn around 
And you can't remember where they're from
Chased in your mind
By the creatures ever dreamt
Twisted voices
Are starting to make you really mad
And forget what you are
Welcome to the last ride

[Solo Tono]

Tears in her eyes
As you watch her drown in her lies
You hear the screams
Of the suffering souls
Betrayed by their minds

Now you've seen what's all about to be real
But this time there's no comming out
So prepare for your final destination
And beg for your soul to resist all your fears!

[Solo Ndua]

Betrayed by the night...


For all you've seen
For all you've been Preemptive Solution
Добавлено: 17.03.2012
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