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Buoys - Give Up Your Guns - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Buoys - Give Up Your Guns - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Give Up Your Guns
From: izzyratte 
Subject: CRD:LYR: Give up Your Guns by THE BUOYS

The Buoys
Give up Your guns




When [Bm]I woke up this [Fm]morning
I [Bm]found myself [Fm]alone
I [G]turned to touch her [A]hair
but she was [Bm]gone, she was [A]gone

And [Bm]there beside my [Fm]pillow
were her [Bm]tears from the night [Fm]before
she [Bm]said give up your [A]guns and face the [Bm]law     [Fm]

2.Verse (This 2.Verse lyrics are wrong.
Couldn't figure out! Old record!)

A [Bm]rather tiny [Fm]temple
and I [Bm]thaught I had it [Fm]made
but the [G]hounds picked up my [A]trails
within this [Bm]place
so long [Fm]than

And I [Bm]stumbled in this [Fm]cabin
and she [Bm]came to me once [Fm]more
she [G]said give up your [A]guns and face the [Bm]law     [Fm]

[Bm]I don't wanna [G]leave her
[D]I don't wanna [C]die
[C]deep within a [Fm]cold cold rain
with [G]nowhere left to [Em]hide

[Bm]but I got my [G]pistol
[D]now it's time to [C]shoot
[Em]shootin' here or [Fm]hanging there
in [G]either way I'll [Fm]loose

And [Bm]now I'm in this [Fm]cafe
where my [Bm]own true love should [Fm]be
I [G]stare at the lines'n [A]notes she wrote to [Bm]me
and it says[Fm]

no you [Bm]can't live by the [Fm]bullet
she [Bm]wrote to me she'll [Fm]die
my [G]love give up your [A]guns those days good[Bm]bye... good[Fm]bye

And the [Bm]sheriff now is [Fm]calling
with a [Bm]shotgun at my [Fm]door
s[Bm]on... give up your [A]guns 'n face the [Bm]law

[Bm][F#m][Bm][G][Bm][A]                [Bm]

 Transcibed by Marc Ruffer 09.01.1998
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Добавлено: 19.04.2012
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