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Bumpin Uglies - Morning After - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bumpin Uglies - Morning After - аккорды и текст, видео

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Morning After
Bumpin Uglies
morning after waking up to see
that shes lying in bed right next to me
with an empty bottle of c and c
   Db (x4)                                
oh my god what a night of debauchery

          Ab                  Fm
there's a thin line between haste and action
        C                     G
a thin line between obsession and passion
Bbm                       Ab
but i walk the line cause aint no time to waste
Bbm                      Ab                 Eb
emotionally drive i've got a dream to chase
but nobody ever said you've gotta walk it alone
every man deserves a pretty girl at home
with the love that she supplys you share the highs and the lows

when you look into her eyes she just smiles and it shows

you get weak knees when she comes around

you cant speak free cause of how you think it sounds

butterflies creeping up into your chest

and the whiskey logic has you thinking you should confess

but there's a thin line between haste and action

so just sit back and enjoy the chain reaction

you can't force a moment can't create the devine

but if you wait patiently it's just something you'll find


there was a bottle of wine, a case of beer

90 minutes flat we made it disappear

we had a couple of laughs she had a look in her eye

i had a couple of thoughts as to the reason why

it was summer time and we were living in ease

on an overcast night with an underblown breeze

there aint ever been a sight quite as pretty to me

as a brown eyed flower child drinking straight whiskey

there was liquid courage running through my veins

and we went bar to bar running thought the rain

the kind of love that drives a man insane

an oasis of bliss in a sea of pain

but theres a thing line between haste and action

and now im crossing lines in search of satisfaction

truth of the matter its as simple as this

happiness can't exist unless you take a little risk
last call the destroyer of dreams

we were making a scene they had to ask us to leave

so we took it paste what we once concieved

with a moonlit walk along an empty street

and she looked at me with a close lipped smile

and said shes not going home tonight

my reply, quite simply put:

will you still love me in mornings light?
Добавлено: 01.11.2014
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