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Bumblefoot - Delilah - таба, видео

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Bumblefoot - Delilah - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Title: Delilah
Artist: Bumblefoot

Here's a basic outline (chords, riffs, lyrics) for the godly song
we know as Delilah. I started a full powertab thing, with bass, piano,
vocal line, etc. but I am simply too lazy to finish it.
Lyrics from Chord suggestions at the bottom.
The song is in 6/4 with a triplet feel.

   Am    Am/G         D7/F#        D/F#
1. Lady Delilah - she enslaves me

   F             Ab             Eb    Db  G
   I'm bound and chained by her lies   Lies

   Cm              Cm/Bb        F/A
   One look in her eyes and she breaks me

         Ab             G
   And I fall down like rain

          Ab             G
   As the wind sings her name


   Dm    G        Em    A
   Ohhhhhohhhhhh  Ohhhhhohhhhh

   F#m     B      Em    A
   Ohhh  Delilah  Ohhhhhohhhh

   D         C             B
   I was the strongest man alive

   A#             E            A    Bb/A (below x2)
   Till you came along - my Delilah


2. She deceived me but believe me it was alright
   To touch her lips was to kiss the blades of her knives
   Why do things we know are wrong feel so right?
   Worth a lifetime of pain
   For one night to sing her name
   Oh, Delilah
Добавлено: 06.12.2013
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