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Buffalo Tom - For All to See - таба, видео

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Buffalo Tom - For All to See - таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы: Chris Colbourn, Bill Janovitz, Tom Maginnis

From: (Efren B Leonida)
Subject: TAB:Buffalo Tom's "For All to See" from No Alternative

I transcribed this last year but never sent it out, thinking I'd finish
The solo and the outro first.  It doesn't look like i'll have the time,
But both are really simple and should be pretty easy to figure out.


For All to See
By Buffalo Tom
(Off the No Alternative compilation)

Transcribed by Efren Leonida

Capo the third fret to play open chords.  Chord names given are the relative
Open chords, with real chord names in parentheses.

Opening chord progression:
Just power chords (Also played during the "She opens up..." chorus)
Play with a wah effect

| (C5)  (D5)  (Eb5)           |

Chords:(if the third fret is capoed)
(C5)      (D5)     (Eb5)
X         X        X
X         X        X
X         X        X
7         9        10
7         9        10
5         7        8

Main progression:
G(Bb)     Cmaj7(Ebmaj7)
3         0
3         1p0h1
0         0
0         2
2         3
3         X
(play with hammer-ons and pull-offs)
|G(Bb)           Cmaj7(Ebmaj7)      |

At the "come back another time..."verses, switch to this progression:
G(Bb)     Cmaj7(Ebmaj7)     C(Eb)    D(G)
3         0                 0        2
3         1p0h1             1        3
0         0                 0        2
0         2                 2        0
2         3                 3        X
3         X                 X        X
|G(Bb)                         | C(Eb)          D(G)        |4x
Then play 2x:
|C(Eb)                         | G(Bb)                      |
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