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Buddy Holly - That's My Desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Buddy Holly - That's My Desire - аккорды и текст, видео

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That's My Desire
Buddy Holly
That's my desire    Buddy Holly
Transcribed by:
Private Home Study Learning

All my Students love this song!  and so do I.
I would appreciate some stars, if anyone likes :)

             C                      Dm
To spend one night with you  In our rendezvous

        G                           C 
And reminisce with you  That's my desire

               C                         Dm
To  meet where gypsies play Down in some small cafe

               G                      C        Fm      C
And dance till break of day That's my desire

             Fm                                          C
We'll  sip a little glass of wine  I'll  gaze into your eyes divine

                           D7               G      F#7    G
To feel the touch of your lips  Pressing on mine

            C                          Dm
To hear you whisper low Just when it's time to go

         G                       C
Cheri, I love you so That's my desire

Добавлено: 01.10.2014
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