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Buck Dharma - Your Loving Heart - аккорды и текст, видео

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Buck Dharma - Your Loving Heart - аккорды и текст, видео

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Your Loving Heart
Buck Dharma
Your Loving Heart
by Donald "Buck Darma" Roeser
on Flat Out

A bit of a horrorshow from Blue Oyster Cult's lead, on his solo album

INTRO [open D major, picked alternating D and F# (3rd) above]
D F# D F# D F# D F# D F# D F# D F# D F# 
[continues into 1st verse, picking pattern changes with different chords]
I'll be going now
                D               D7
There's nothing more here to be said
I'll be going now
The doctors say I'll soon be dead
A                               D
Only another heart would see me through
D              D-A7
Only another's heart
You should be going now
You have done all that you can do
You should be going now
You have a life to think of too
Only your loving heart has helped to get me through
Only your loving heart

[Four lines of lead improv over strummed chords, I use
D D Dsus4 A

which fade out, leaving]

[a ticking clock] [then fade in siren and hospital sounds with music]
Dm Dm/C Dm Dm/F Dm
We have a  don - or  (AH!  AH!)
We have a donor prep him ! Prep him ! Prep him !
F   Dm       C        Dm
Car accident accident victim car accident
Car accident prep him ! Prep him !
F    Dm
Head injury .................
  F           Dm
A good tissue match
We have a donor we have consent We have a donor
F     Dm
Young woman young woman
F     Dm
Young woman wait I've seen her before

Up on the seventh floor
F  F    F  F   F     Dm
Oh no   oh God let's go prep him ! Prep him !

[Instrumental bridge: Heavy lead over top of heavy 
D D D D   C C   G G  D...............
repeat x 4 and fade to same clock, fade in fuller
version of verse chords above 
I will be going now
My new heart and I are pulling through
Who was the donor
Today they told me it was you
To only your loving heart
I'll be forever true
(only your loving heart)
Добавлено: 03.05.2012
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