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Bubba Jenkins - The Tip Jar Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bubba Jenkins - The Tip Jar Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Tip Jar Song
Bubba Jenkins
I was on vacation this past summer and saw a guy playing this song after ANYONE would request a song.
It was pretty funny and it got people up and throwing bills in his tip jar. He gave me a recorded
version of the song after I told him that I also played acoustic gigs for a living. He said he would
be releasing the song online at some point> I started playing it at every gig and it has tripled my
tips. Now i dont feel like im begging. Its all in good fun. 

Tip Jar Song
by :Bubba Jenkins

Could I get your attention
For just a few moments
C.                       G               
I have quick message for you
There's a tip jar right here
And it's not for my beer
C                               G
Or your cigarette butts when ur thru


see I played all your songs
Or at least I tried
C.                                       G
To mumble my way to the end
So I'll only ask once
or maybe ten times
C.                    C B      A    G
Could you spare a few dollars my friend?

G.                        D
Pass that tip jar around
C.                                       G
Toss a dollar or two in the bottom
Em.                   D
Pass the tip jar around
C.                                           G
Hell, a five or a ten if you got em

Verse 2
If you have a request
Then I'll do my best
C                          G
To play the best version I know

But if you wanna hear Free Bird
Or Wagon Wheel
         C          C     B     A  G
Then the bartenders might make you go

(Funny Banter)
I'm just kidding
"Hey and while you're at it take care of those ladies behind the bar!"

G                 D
Pass this tip jar around
C                                        G
It's a gift that comes straight from the heart
Em               D
Pass the tip jar around
C                                 G
And I can put some more gas in my car

Guitar Solo

Verse 3
G                                D
See it's not that I won't or I can't play those songs
        C                           G
It's that Wagon wheel drives people crazy
See that song is infectious
And it's damn near obnoxious
C                C    B  A G
How many times I play it A day

G                D
Pass the tip jar around
C                                 G
Throw a dollar or ten while you're there
Em               D
Pass the tip jar around
C                       C    B    A   G
It's just money show my kids that you care X2

Repeat Chorus
Pass this tip jar around
You'll be sticking it right to the man
Right it off on your taxes
You Can!!!
Добавлено: 02.06.2015
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