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Brother And Bones - To Be Alive - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brother And Bones - To Be Alive - аккорды и текст, видео

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To Be Alive
Brother And Bones
To Be Alive by Brother and Bones

|C#m           | C#m          |E              | E             |

Take your chances
Past forgiveness
Past the old days drink to new
Drown your sorrows until they learn to swim

Start the engine
Stop your caring
Get your bearings make your move
Until those old deaf ears, oh how they'll fall on you

See, the problem
Is the blindness
That you carry like a cross and
The solution is the darkness that you're in

Time to focus
Time to realise
Your heart might be the boss
But your head will stop the sides from caving in

A                                                       E
Now you're a ghost in this town and still so hard on the eyes

       C#m             A        E 
Saying this is what it is to be alive
F#                                           A  C#m
Guess all the secrets you're bound to on the inside
Are between you and the night

I knew you once
and your patience
Now its you that knows it all
Hope you're everything you couldn't wait to be

I guess half of somethings better than
A whole lot of nothing that may be
But when the lightening comes why stand beneath the trees


| C#m         | E         D# | C#m        | E        D# | C#m         | E         | E        | E
Oh why do I do..
Oh why do I do..
Oh why do I do what I do to you
Добавлено: 29.07.2015
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