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Brooks & Dunn - She Was Born To Run - текст песни, видео

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Brooks & Dunn - She Was Born To Run - текст песни, видео

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She said goodbye to her daddy while her mamma cried
I kept the motor runnin' in my car outside
She kissed him on the cheek, daddy's little girl
Then a woman walked out to take on the world

Through red taillights and a cloud of dust
We went flyin' through the night, it was all about us
Sittin' on the seat right next to me, we drove with a tank full of destiny

She was born to run
She was born to run
She was born to run born to run to me

With a new world waitin' down the road up ahead
Passion runnin' wild through our hearts and heads
With everything we owned packed in the backseat
We had each other, that was all we needed

They all called me crazy, said she'd never settle down
I was just her ticket, her ticket out of town
But it looks like that night fate proved 'em wrong
'Cause she's been mine, mine all along

[Repeat Chorus]

It's been years now and I never doubted
Somewhere, somehow we'd make through
She's still here, no two ways about it
Her heart's still mine and her love's still true

She was born to run
Was the Master's plan
Born to run
Put her heart in my hand
Born to run born to run to me
Добавлено: 30.06.2012
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