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Bronze Radio Return - Stones Throw Away - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bronze Radio Return - Stones Throw Away - аккорды и текст, видео

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Stones Throw Away
Bronze Radio Return
I'm not that great at guitar, but I did my best here. Any fixes or improvements are welcomed.
For some of the D chords I fret the 2nd frets on the 6th and 3rd strings, and only strum strings 3 thru 6,
this kind of emphasizes the F# note.

G       D       Em
C       G       D

Verse 1:                                Verse 2:
G    D            Em                        G   D         G   Em
Hold on, this big wave                  So go on, stead fast            
C                 G                             C            G
Will wash us all ashore                 This town is slowly closing down                
Em                    C                         Em         C
With nothing left to save               The present never lasts         
G        D            Em                    G    D              Em
So leave here, and be brave             So hold on, this blind faith            
C                       G                    C            G
Theres nothing more in store            Is harder now to see
Em                   C                          Em               C
For a man that never gave               In the darkness of this place

        D       C                                 D                 C
So go find, a remedy                    The glass full, the candle burn
        D            C                            D                  C
A medicine, we all agree                And I push pull when hope returns

C           Em   
You should know         
     D       C            G
I'm just a stone's throw away
    C            G
A mile down the road
In a phone booth I'll wait
     Em            G
And when all you call
    Em             C
I hope I hear you say
            G                D
You'll be sure to bring the cure
              C            G
And I'll be here another day

D             Em
whoa oh oh ohhhh ohhhh
C         G     D
whoaahhh ohhh ohhhh
Добавлено: 06.12.2015
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