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Broken Bells - Sailing To Nowhere - аккорды и текст, видео

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Broken Bells - Sailing To Nowhere - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sailing To Nowhere
Broken Bells
Song: Sailing to Nowhere
Artist: Broken Bells
From the album: Broken Bells
Tabbed by: jadster12

Intro: (listen to the song for rhythms): 
  Cm          G       Cm         G      Cm         G        Ab      Eb    F

Cm    G   Cm         G
Tonight I sail the world
Cm    G
Ab           Eb         F
more than I know with blood on my hands

Cm          G           Cm         G
Wouldn't know, you're a devious sister
Cm           G
Guts on your blouse
Ab          Eb F
Close your old ways

    Cm         G
And diamonds a dozen
Cm         G
Sailing to nowhere
Cm            G
They burn and float on
Ab            Eb             F
Still we move on through the night

Cm         F
Boiling systems
C#        Ab
Drain the lot
        Cm            F
They go down by their hearts
C#     Ab
One by one
Cm       F
Long to find
C#    Ab
A way up
Cm             F    C# Ab
Following the ghost down

F#    Bbm    Ab    (2x)

F#         Bbm
Running in circles
A mouse on the table
F#           Bbm        Ab
I try to feel, but just don't
F#          Bbm     Ab
Hurtin' and dead inside
F#        Bbm         Ab
Go on and cut ‘em in half
F#    Bbm    Ab
Said I

F#  Bbm  Ab (Repeat as desired)

I've included a link to the violin solo at the end. I put it into a gp5 file, so 
you can see and hear the rhythms.

link is here:

Добавлено: 26.06.2012
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