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British Whale - This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us - таба, видео

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British Whale - This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Tabbed by: Steve Westerholm
Tuning: Standard (eBGDAE)

This is the new song by front man of the darkness "Justin Hawkins"; He has just
kicked of a solo career with "This town ain't big enough for both of us", a cover
of the original "Sparks" version.This is my first tab on UG and I have tried my best.
Hope you enjoy.

h: hammer on
p: pull off
~: vibrato
\: slide
fb: full bend

Keyboard bit
(Played over beat):
{e| |----------------|
{B| |--6-5h6p5-5-5---|
{G| |---------5-5-5--|  } x4 (progressively gets louder)
{D| |----------------|
{A| |----------------|
{E| |----------------|

-Verse 1-
(A keyboard bit is then played over the first verse)

{e| |----------------|----------5-3------|
{B| |--6-5h6p5-5-5---|--6-5h6p5----5-----|
{G| |---------5-5-5--|---------5---------|         
{D| |----------------|-------------------|        
{A| |----------------|-------------------|        
{E| |----------------|-------------------|        
                                                    This is played 3 times
Rhythm: (let chords ring)                    after Justin says "And it aint
{e| |----------------|-------------------|          me whos gonna leave"
{B| |----------------|-------------------|           and 2 times before
{G| |-5------------5-|--------------5----|             every other verse
{D| |-5------------5-|--------------5----|
{A| |-3------------3-|--------------3----|
{E| |----------------|-------------------|


-Verse Part 1-
{e| |----------------|-------------------|
{B| |----------------|-------------------|
{G| |----------------|-------------------|
{D| |----------------|-------------------|
{A| |-3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|-6~~~~~~~~~--------|
{E| |----------------|-----------6~~~~~~~|

Rhythm: (let chords ring)
{e| |----------------|---------------------|
{B| |----------------|---------------------|
{G| |-5--------------|-8-------------------|
{D| |-5--------------|-8-----------8-------|
{A| |-3--------------|-6-----------8-------|
{E| |----------------|-------------6-------|
      Flying...          Stewardess... Show...

-Verse part 2-
All Rhythm:
{e| |----------------|------------------------------------|
{B| |----------------|------------------------------------|
{G| |----------------|-3-3-------------5-5~---------------|
{D| |-3--------------|-3-3-------------5-5~---------------|
{A| |-3-(x10)--------|-1-1-------------3-3~---------------|
{E| |-1--------------|------------------------------------|
      Heartbeat...       It's Hiroshima  that you're nearing

"This town ain't big enough for the both of us"

{e| |----------------|--------------|
{B| |----------------|--------------|
{G| |-10-10----9-----|-9----5-------|
{D| |-10-10----9-----|-9----5-------|
{A| |-8--8-----7-----|-7----3-------|
{E| |----------------|--------------|
     But it ain't   me who's gonna  leave...


-Solo- (Tried to get it to sound as good as I can)
{e| |---------------------------------------|
{B| |-17~~-15~~-14~~ 12\--------------------|
{G| |--------------------10~10-8~8-7\-------|
{D| |---------------------------------------|
{A| |---------------------------------------|
{E| |---------------------------------------|

{e| |---------------------------------------|
{B| |-13h15p13h16-x4—13h16p13h17-x4---------|        I Improvised this part
{G| |---------------------------------------|   } as it is played too
{D| |---------------------------------------|        quickly and my guitar
{A| |---------------------------------------|        sounds different. 
{E| |---------------------------------------|        just play this quickly!

{e| |-18~18~18~18~18~18~18~18~18fb\---------|
{B| |---------------------------------------|        Pick realy quick on
{G| |---------------------------------------|   } this part whilst adding
{D| |---------------------------------------|        Vibrato then full bend
{A| |---------------------------------------|         the last note and
{E| |---------------------------------------|          slide down the neck

-Bridge- Played 4 times then the pause in the song then played 2 times more,
This is just before verse 5.

-Outro- Starts on "this town ain't big enough" after heartbeat... on verse 5

{e| |--------------------------------------------
{B| |--------------------------------------------
{G| |--------------------------------------------
{D| |-3---33------------33------------33---------          } x2
{A| |-3---33------------33------------33---------
{E| |-1---11------------11------------11---------
      This town isn't big enough, not big enough, for both of us

{e| |--------------------------------------------|
{B| |--------------------------------------------|
{G| |--------------------------------------------|
{D| |-3-----3-----3-----3-----3------------------|
{A| |-3-----3-----3-----3-----3------------------|
{E| |-1-----1-----1-----1-----1------------------|
      I     aint  gon   na    leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave

Song Order:
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3
Verse 4
Bridge (alternate)
Verse 5
Добавлено: 17.03.2012
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