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Brian Mcknight - Comfortable - текст песни, видео

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Brian Mcknight - Comfortable - текст песни, видео

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I've been knowin' you for a minute baby 
Everything you want girl I done did it baby 
Didn't put on the pressure to get it baby 
'Cause you be too smart for that 
I been thinkin'bout your lips lately 
I been thinkin' bout them hips baby 
The one thousand ways that'll drive me crazy 
What you got girl I want it 
Ooh so serious 
Everytime you're around I feel the rush 
I have to cool for a minute now I'm curious 
Let's get comfortable 
No baby don't tease 
Girl it's gettin' hot just let it breathe 
I ain't come to beg but I'm here to please 
Let's get comfortable 
Before I take you to the crib baby' 
Before I show you how I live lady 
Takin' my time sexin' your mind 
Then I give it to your body 
Tell me what you know about that 
I can do it how you like it girl 
Lights on is cool I can see it girl 
Lights off is cool I can fee y'girl 
And I won't stop 'til you get enough 

You know what I came to do 
I know that you want me to 
Relax let me set the mood 
Break it down 
Gir I can't wait much longer 
I feel it comin' on stronger 
I just can't take it no more 
I want you, I want you
Добавлено: 05.04.2012
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