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Brian Johnson - One Thing Remains - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brian Johnson - One Thing Remains - аккорды и текст, видео

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One Thing Remains
Brian Johnson
One Thing Remains
By: Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Christa Black Gifford  c 2010

Intro:  D  A  E  Bm7,  D  A  E  (2x)

D                        A                     E
Higher than the mountains that I face
D                        A                   E
Stronger than the power of the grave
D                      A                   E
Constant in the trial and the change
         D   A       E 
One thing… Remains (repeat)

         F#m                     D      
Your love never fails, never gives up
A                           E
Never runs out on me (3x)

Vs: 2
D                      A                   E
On and on and on and on it goes
D                            A                  E
It overwhelms and satisfies my soul
D                            A                 E
And I never, ever, have to be afraid

One thing remains

     D            A             E     
In death, In life, I'm confident and 
Bm7                    D            A              E
covered by, the power of Your great love
D                A                   E     
My debt is paid, there's nothing that   
        Bm7               D             A               E
Can separate my heart from Your great love
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