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Brian Hinnenkamp - I See You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brian Hinnenkamp - I See You - аккорды и текст, видео

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I See You
Brian Hinnenkamp
Title :  I See You
Words and music/ Brian Hinnenkamp
Album: Dead Last Ö..bootleg live show

Transcribed by : Alex Meiel

Brian is now rumored to be living in Seattle, and has
not played live for a while. I am sure he is writing
and living like a king.  A contact in San Diego says
he will be back with more fire than before, and ready
to make a name, so keep your eye on him.
I am watching the Seattle music scene for his first
show up, and you can bet it will be packed out, he has
a way of creeping back without letting people know.

This is off the cdr bootleg ìDead Lastî live. He also
played îSomeoneî I will tab this one out as soon as I
can figure it out. I have seven shows so if anyone
wants to trade I will be glad to.

Play this one slower than you think it should be and
it  will come with some practice.
Good Luck!

Dsus D                           Caug/#5th     ÖÖÖÖ
The same for all verse lines


Em    Dsus     Csus2
But I see you

Em    Dsus     Csus2
In my dreams-    ( the rest of the chorus is the same)


Csus    D      Gsus2
How could I ever s...
To the one ....
(Let ring out  and fade)
Добавлено: 20.07.2013
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