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Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brian Eno - Burning Airlines Give You So Much More - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Brian Eno
Авторы текста: Brian Eno
Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Brian Eno
BRIAN ENO - "Burning Airlines Give You So Much More"
From "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy" C. 1974 on Island Records
Words and Music by Brian Eno
Interpreted by Lee Westmoreland 

Standard Tuning

Intro/Main Riff/Ending:
E|-----8-9---------------------------------| Repeat

Verse "Flaunt"
    F#              B

B                              F#
When I got back home I found a message on the door
B                            F#
Sweet Regina's gone to China cross-legged on the floor
C#           B                   F#
Of a burning jet that's smoothly flying:
C#               B                F#
Burning airlines give you so much more.

B                                F#
How does she intend to live when she's in far Cathay?
B                                F#
I somehow can't imagine her just planting rice all day.
C#             B           F#
Maybe she will do a bit of spying
C#                 B             F#
With micro-cameras hidden in her hair.

Riff x4

B                                F#
I guess Regina's on the plane, a Newsweek on her knees
B                                           F#
While miles below her the curlews call from strangely stunted trees.
C#                    B                   F#
The painted sage sits just as though he's flying;
C#           B                  F#
Regina's jet disturbs his wispy beard.

B                           F#
When you reach Kyoto send a postcard if you can,
B                                    F#
And please convey my fond regards to Chih-Hao's girl Yu-Lan.
C#              B                 F#
I heard a rumor they were getting married
C#               B             F#
But someone left the papers in Japan.

Riff 2x (and over the ending)
F#   C#   B  F#     F#   C#   B  F#     fade out
Left them in Japan, left them in Japan... 

Chord Voicings:

   B  F#  C#

Добавлено: 29.07.2012
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