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Brett Williams - Prayer (feat. In Reach) - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brett Williams - Prayer (feat. In Reach) - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brett Williams
		   Song: Prayer
Artist: Brett Williams & In Reach
Album: Power & Promise
(c) 1993 Sheperd's Fold Music/BMI
Tabbed and submitted by Travis Norris (
                  A Bm 
Well you must know
         D           E
I have a tendency to wonder. 
D                  Bm         E
I love to hear the thunder of applause.
              A Bm
I guess I long 
        D           E  
For the approval of others
          D                Bm             E
Who would never give their lives if I was lost.
E              A              E 
How many ways, how many ways, you've covered me.

VERSE 2: [continue same pattern]
You must have heard
A deafening silence
I was to afraid to tell them of your love.
I die each time
The fear of man prevents me
from telling all the things you have done.
How many days, how many days, I've wasted.

I want to disappear
Fade from sight
With all my mind I
want to change.
   D             A 
To be like You although it seems
G very far away.
I want to disappear
I've lost this race
   D             E
G take my place 
        Bm       E  
Oh, and fill me. Fill me

I don't know why I still do the things that hurt you.
While the things that make you smile I fail to do.
You must increase og with all my heart I want you.
Please wash me of these sins and make me new.
This is my prayer, this is my prayer. Please hear me..


BRIDGE: (this might not be right.. try it out)

D                E   A 
Oh, you must not go away
A           D               A
I need you Jesus, more than ever.
D              Bm           E 
I know I don't deserve your love
D                  E    
I know I could not earn your love


OUTRO: A D several times, throwing in:
A                 D
This is my prayer.

There you have it people. Enjoy. :) This is the first chord file I have
sent to the internet, so if there are any comments/questions/flames they
can be directed to
Добавлено: 15.09.2013
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