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Brendan Benson - Folk Singer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Brendan Benson - Folk Singer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы: Jason Falkner, Brendan Benson

Folk Singer
Brendan Benson
  "Folk Singer"(Benson/Falkner)
   From "Lapalco" (2002)

   Intro: G  | C | X4
           G                      C
   Like a folk-singer's song I'm moving on
            G                      C
   and I'm not the kinda man that acts very strong
             G                  C
   when the girls are looking on,
              G               C
   when the girls (when the girls are looking on)

   If you tied my hands and put chains on my feet
   I can picture myself walking down any street
   telling people that I meet 
   "Psst! looks like rain to me (looks like rain to me)


    G                    F                Bb             C
   every single day at eleven,I'm home in bed in sleep heaven,
    G             F              Bb              C
   Alone 'Cos my girl leaves at seven,ain't got time for my bed-in,
    G                  F            Bb           C
   she says "Stop pretending,you're not John Lennon!"


           G5             C5           G5                     C5
   Will I ever get over this, having tasted your lips with a kiss?
             G5               Cm              G5
   You can cross me off your list,take these cuffs 
                 F5                   G5
   from off my wrists,and drop your fists

   Intro X1
   As soon as I'm well I'm gonna leave my house
   become more of a man and less like a mouse
   drive my car down south to the Mississippi's mouth
   to the Gulf Of Mexico's mouth I'll be soused 

   Every girl I made in the shade of esplanade 
   I saved In a song that I play when I'm afraid
   of a full scale air raid from the choices that I made


   da da da da de da de da ....

  no matter how much you take of each song that i make
  Im not fragile, I don't break and I'm down at the lake
  and I hope someday you'll have it made 
  with all that money that you make

  It was fun while it lasted but then it was blasted
  right out of the water and into Fantastic
  now he feels shafted and she's already past it
 (she's like elastic and he's just so spastic)



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