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Bradley Clark - Penguin In A Floaty - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bradley Clark - Penguin In A Floaty - аккорды и текст, видео

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Penguin In A Floaty
Bradley Clark
Am               Ab+
   In the frozen plain
C/G                F#dim
    It's all kinda grim
F       Am/E
Mom and pop
Ebdim    D
watching hoping
G                G7
He will learn to swim

C                 E7
   He don't wanna try
F                   D7
   Don't wanna jump in
C/G                A7
    He's not going in there
D7            G7sus
   not even a fin
C                     E7
  Though mom and pop beg
F                   D7
   they ain't gonna win
C/G        Am
    That's why he's a
D7      G7sus C      G7sus
penguin in a floaty

C                         E7
   His friends point and laugh
F                   D7
   when he tries to swim
C/G                A7
     He tries to ignore them
D7                   G7sus
   just tries to fit in
C               E7
   But he can't hide
F                    D7
  those tears in his eyes
C/G     Am     D7     G7sus C       C7
    Cuz he's a penguin in a floaty

F                F#dim
  Out of all the friends he had
C/G           A7
    one was unique
   He put his own floaty on
and put a smile on junior's beak

C                 E7
    Now that he's practiced
F                        D7
  he doesn't sink like a stone
C/G                A7
       Now little junior
D7                    G7sus
   he can swim on his own
C                 E7
   He loves to go out now
F                    D7
   and swim with his friend
C/G         Am     D7     G7sus C       C7
    And he ain't a penguin in a floaty

C  E7  F  D7
C/G  A7  D7 G
C  E7  F  D7
C/G  Am  D7  G7sus C  C7

F              F#dim
  Now junior's all growed up
C/G                   A7
    got a wife and a home
   And now junior's got
a junior of his own

C                 E7
      Now little mister
F                          D7
  he's gotta learn how to swim
C/G                A7
       But junior junior
D7                  G7sus
    don't wanna get in
C                  E7
   But pop's got a plan
F                  D7
   to help him fit in
C/G     Am       D7     G7sus
    He gets his floaty
C/E     Am       D7     G7sus
    And junior's floaty
C/E        Am 
    Once again he's a
D7     G7sus  C
penguin in a floaty
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