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Boy And Bear - Man Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Boy And Bear - Man Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Man Alone
Boy And Bear
C                                         Em
I woke up this morning,with ribbons in my bed,
I could not remember how they had got there 
                                        Em      C
just the warmth from someone's body gone.

My body's aching, my mind it cannot rest.
My thoughts are vacant, there's a rattle in my chest
too old to be playing these games again.

                G      C                 Em
I was hoping to change, just I never did.
                        G   C                Em
And now I'm kicking the cage, to get rid of it.

Verse 2

C                                               Em      
Hands full of splinters, there's timber in my skin.
You'd probably hate this, but I am used to it.
                           Em      C
I cannot fake it, but I do.

Held down in some late-night bar,
where the pretty girls know who you are,
       C                                           Em
trying to find your heart in all those hopeless faces.

                    G    C                    Em
And I was hoping to change, just I never did.
                    G    C                    Em
Now I'm kicking the cage, right in front of it.
                   G     C                    Em
I'm so sick of the rage, I can't get rid of it.
                   G     C                             Am          Em
And with nobody to blame, I'm in the thick of it - and I walk as a man alone.

A                  Em
So what you're chasing, 
A                       Em
you think is noble and right,
A                         G
I guess you'll learn in time,
              G                Em
you're not entitled to anything. 

                        G      C                     Em
So won't you hand me the reigns, for the thrill of it.
                      G     C                 Em
You see I got what it takes, just to handle it.
                      G    C                 Em
Won't you tell me I'm great, I'm in need of it.
                      G      C
It's not a question of blame, so stand in front of it. 
    Am          Em            Am           Em
And I walk as a man alone, oh I walk as a man alone, 
    Am               Em
no I walk as a man alone.

This is my first Tab. I know it's not 100%, especially the bridge, 
but if anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated :)
Добавлено: 28.03.2016
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