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Bound Stems - Wake Up Ma And Pa Are Gone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bound Stems - Wake Up Ma And Pa Are Gone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wake Up Ma And Pa Are Gone
Bound Stems
Db Ab x6

I shake 
my head 
at how 
Ab                              Db
perfect some song will sound in my car, 
Ab                             Db         Ab
driving toward the country for the month. 

I am 
still on 
the make,                    
     Ab                                 Db
and this place is full of friends that I've known, 
     Ab                             Db          Ab
they saw me too and laughed a warm laugh again.

Fm  Ab
Lay on 
     Db               Ab
the warm grass of my lawn 
     Fm    Ab
and shake hands, 
      Db             Ab
"I've met you once before". 
Fm   Ab       Db            Ab
Call to the neighbors down below, 
            Fm  Ab  Db             Ab
tell them "Wake up! Ma and Pa are gone!"

Db Ab x2

Don't waste 
a breath. 
How could 
Ab                               Db
you spent your life on something so cold?
       Ab                                  Db        Ab
it's flickered out you're lost and you're scared now. 

And I need 
this life, 
these friends, 
Ab                         Db
my home. I'm on the curb smiling
Ab                                     Db
remember this 'cause things are never that bad.

Eb Db Fm x2

Eb   Db   Fm
You feel right. 
Eb      Db      Fm
I was probably scared. 
     Eb Db   Fm
While I was gone, 
Eb         Db       Fm
you were sleeping upstairs. 
    Eb  Db    Fm
When I first heard
Eb    Db           Fm
you barely made a sound. 
   Eb  Db   Fm
And I fell first
Eb    Db         Fm
isn't it perfect how?
   Db   Eb    Ab
it all comes down 
Db    Eb          Ab
to a moment like this
     Db    Eb    Ab
when I'm leaving for 
  Db       Eb         Ab
something bigger than us. 
Db  Eb    Fm
Remember that. 
Db  Eb    Fm
Remember that? 
   Db       Eb           Ab
I called my mom and she said 
       Db   Eb         Ab
she's never been so impressed.

Ab Eb Db x4

Ab Bbm Db
Ab Eb  Db x7
Добавлено: 08.08.2015
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