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Bouncing Souls - Letter From Iraq - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Bouncing Souls - Letter From Iraq - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Letter From Iraq
Bouncing Souls
So I decided that this song would sound cool on acoustic.
And this is how I play it. You can find a good intro on the other tabs
but none of them showed any of the rest of the song. This sounds good 
to me, either with D and E as bar chords or open chords, watever u prefer. Great song 
no matter what, hopefully these chords can get u started.

Standard Tuning.

F#                  D-bar             E-bar
|-2                 |-5               |-7
|-2                 |-7               |-9
|-2                 |-7               |-9
|-4                 |-7               |-9
|-4                 |-5               |-7
|-2                 |-X               |-X

The hot Sunni sun 

passes Moaning Mosque Spire.
D               E

B-company's pinned down
F#                 D

and under heavy fire.
E                   D

Underneath the palms

there's improvised bombs.

Because Jihad Johnny

Knows- Yankee is a liar.
D        E          D

An eye for an eye.
D   E          F#

And blood for Texas Tea.
At the call to prayer

Al Queda's on his knees.

Isac vs. Ishmael. 
D        E

Allah vs. Christ.
F#        D

Zarqawi's on the offense 

picking up the beat.
E               F#

There's celebratory fire
And a purple thumb vote.
Tom cruise is on a sortie
from a gulf love boat.
Smart bombs are a coming, 
See the children running.
The dead are all laughing, 
But we don't get the joke.

They lost another friend today.
It's getting rough over there.
They say the whole things fucked.
I wish the boys were back.
At least I know they're still alive.
Another letter from Iraq.

Presents full of Christmas loot.
All that's left of Bullet Billy- 
is a pair of bloody boots. 
His mom is on the phone,
His girl is all alone.
We all stand in the rain 
for a twenty-one gun salute.
Добавлено: 04.07.2013
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