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Boo Hewerdine - Patience Of Angels - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Boo Hewerdine - Patience Of Angels - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Boo Hewerdine
Авторы текста: Boo Hewerdine
Patience Of Angels
Boo Hewerdine
Subject: /h/Boo Hewerdine/Patience of Angels.crd

Patience of Angels (Boo Hewerdine)

Written & performed by Boo Hewerdine, but I don't know of a recording of it by
him.  Eddi Reader has recorded it, it's on her first album (called Eddi

            G               D                 C                   D
   From the top  of the     bus           she thought she saw him wave
    she saw Tuesdays and forgetfulness and a  little    money     saved
Does she know ?    I don't know     but from  here    I   can     tell

              G       D                   C           D
That it would try        the patience of angels
     it would try        the patience of angels

            G               D                C                   D
   And you know something's wrong  when the  morning hurts your eyes
   by singing them an octave higher
than the rest.

Chords are standard (open) fingerings.

This G D C D stuff is a bit of an oversimplification. Live, there seems to be
some melody going on on the top two strings, but I haven't worked out what
he's doing. Still, this should be enough to carry the tune in the

Boo plays this live in Db (capo at 6th fret), Eddi Reader's album version is
in Bb (capo 3), I can't get above B (Capo 4) if I'm going to hit the next
octave in the vocal- just play it in as high a key as you can.

Also, if it's quiet you can try an arpeggio intro:

      E ----------3------------------2----------------0---------------2-----
      B ------------3--------------2---3----------------1-----------2---3---
      A ------5-------------------------------3-----------------------------||
      E -3------------------------------------------------------------------
         G(barre 3)         D                 C               D

All comments, corrections, improvements etc. welcome.

Добавлено: 03.03.2012
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