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Boo Hewerdine - It Always Reminds Me Of You - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Boo Hewerdine - It Always Reminds Me Of You - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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It Always Reminds Me Of You
Boo Hewerdine
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Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 10:10:37 -0800
From: Sylmar Converter Station Control Room 
Subject: song submission

It Always Reminds me of You
    By Darden Smith and Boo Hewerdine
    From the CD: Evidence
    By Chris (

               CAPO 2

              D      A      Em      G  A

              D      A      Em      G  A


       D         A                Em                 G   A
                starin' into my.. coffee
                there's a park .. across from my place

       D          A                Em           G   A
                I swear I see your.. face
                there's A statue over there

       D           A                     Em         G   A
                 A little cream A little sugar
                 we used to go there .. A  .walking

       D          A                      Em         G   A
                 stirred up to suit my..taste
                but now it's more than I can bear

        G            G               A             A
            well it's you or the....  coffee  that's keeping me A--
           how   can   I   walk....   there all   alone

        G             G                A  n.C.           A
    --wake   I'm gonna fill my cup  drink it up start my day cuz It
                     past  those....    statues  made of stone

        G        A       A        G           A  n.C.
     always makes me kinda.. blue  It  always  reminds me of...

   Repeat: Intro  &  Verse


      D            A          Em      G    A
       ooh...ooh reminds me a little of

      D             A            Em       G  A

     G           G           A               A
   loves  no    deeper       than a coffee  C---U----P

     G           G             A              A
   what  do you want  from     me and now that you drunk It up It

    G        A        A        G        A
  always makes me kinda blue.. It always reminds me of..

    D         A           Em       G   A

    D         A           Em        G   A

       Repeat  to  Fade....

     Note: The chords are right  except  the Chorus   where
      the (G  is  probably  (G6)  i.e. open 1st and 2nd strings

     Note (2)  Boo played this song Capo 2
               Darden played this song open
Добавлено: 26.07.2012
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