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Bone Thugs N Harmony - World War - текст песни, видео

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Bone Thugs N Harmony - World War - текст песни, видео

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World war.

This is combat. I don't think these niggas really know. This shit is for 

real--this is not a game. So all my real muthafuckin' thugs get the fuck up, and put your guns in the muthafuckin' air, and bust the muthafuckas like you just don't care, and fuck the muthafuckin' police, and kill all the muthafuckin' enemies!

Nigga, come a little closer let me show you a ho. What's up bitch? We can roll. Anybody wanna fuck with me? 'Cause I'm down to fuck back with you. What you wanna do, huh, huh? You say wanna fight us, come fight us. We do it 'cause its real--fuck a title. It's all about survival, dedicate it to my rivals. And you could die a ho. What they talk about? Bone Thugs ran? Nigga, we never ever run from no man, and fear none. 

If you see their click, then niggas, get the big guns. Pop one, split 'em up. Bet the bitch run. He said he came to get some; nigga, he ain't really want none. Don't let them suckas fool ya. Bustas won't do too much [Nigga ain't really want none.]. I'll knock you out. That dumb shit comin' out your mouth'll get you nothin' but a rematch. Why these niggas gotta lie? They can't stand up and face the facts? Nigga your head got cracked. We heard what they said--said that my niggas fled. But y'all niggas know what's up. What? Y'all wanna shed more blood? Shit, then come on. 

World war.

Now you know, now you know. Now you know . . . Nigga, bet our niggas comin' to bring the pain. Better get your hard-hat. Nigga protect your brain. Get a gun and bang-bang. Tell me when you really wanna battle, my nigga. We can handle that any way you want to handle static. Nigga, thugstyle, buckwild. Some tear-up-the-club shit? Whatever, drop down. When the bullets get to jumpin' around the playa haters on the ground bleedin'. The 9-millimeter hit 'em and he drop like, "Who could it be?" Your life has been took--no, not by the bullet, but the nigga with the heater. 

I'm trigger happy. I'll be in demand, I'm in command. So let's move, and you know what the enemy look like. They clones that look and sound like Bone. Give a muthafucka more than Speedknots. And when he run up to get punked, give a nigga lumps. Y'all niggas ain't Mobsters, 'cause if it was the mob nigga, somebody would've been shot ya. But we can get the whole cru: Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, and Flesh. Bone too strong for niggas to hold on, to keep up. But I see ya still wanna be us. No matter who was claimin' it first, it's who's the realest [realest]. Do not enlist if you're not ready for war.

World War.
Добавлено: 04.03.2012
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