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Bone Thugs N Harmony - The Art of War (Disk One) - текст песни, видео

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Bone Thugs N Harmony - The Art of War (Disk One) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
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It's all Mo Thug, It's all Mo, Mo Thug (2x)

Oh well, if ya snooze ya loose
Stop bringin that pistol and fetch ya,
Shoot it and catch ya, shit, pap,
Stay packin that gat in yo lap away
So if ya can't roll strapped
Now how about that
Dat pistol go tap at niggas who
Go fuckin wit one of my own
No no, wrong, Any place where my chrome
Left devils at they home
Double bang, execution, we mo murda, stupid trick
You bitch that asked me
We don't play wit me game that be remainin mine and little man ran
To disater, wish I asked him
And I popped up and capped him
And Eazy is where we began
But I blessed him in the master plan
Niggaz thugin off in the Claire
It's still the pen
Can't fuck wit these Cleveland Claire playas
So as long as ya betta be workin
Cause the Bone and Mo Thug on this mission
Listen, betta pray everyday
Cross us on the way hoe

Ohhhh, oh, oh
I just wanna seperate from the presious, baby
Or maybe,
I was meant to live my life caught up in this world of games
And God's name I pray
The devil, he be bringin me down
I can feel him cause he pullin me now,
Iv'e been blessed wit an incredable style
When there's pushin, it's just try to seperate and to break this all down,
Now ain't that foul,
So I asked the Lord to help me
Lord, why does this life overwhealm me?
When we livin in hell,
But we chill most every day like we in heaven
Oh well,
But time will tell,
Singin, This is for the ringin of the bell, the bell, the bell.
But it be hard to maintain and stay peacefull
If you don't know to tame the devil then the devil will beat you,
Defeat you, deceive you, evil,
He will never leave you alone
I've been lookin for a better day,
But they don't ever seem to want to come my way (my way)
Hey, I've had a hell of a time
Tryin to make it cause my people steady stressin my mind,
So I stay high
So I'm already sittin on the top, ya see me,
When he be wit me,
He's daily inovatin me
Rarely see ya on the daily mission
Keep your distance from the flames,
Maybe you can survive, forever and a day

Hell yeah
Got me flippin in the North Coast
Remeber me,
The crook who wrote the book,
I'm off da hook,
Most of yall niggaz betta take another look
Cause if ya playa hate the Bone then yo life'll get took
So quit, never bringin ya no bullshit man,
Face to face it's that assassin gang
Bringin the heat, all yall niggas bringin is lame,
But if ya wanna bring the pain, then ya gotta maintain
Commin in on another level,
Imma put you on deck up at the top of the pile
Fake niggas wanna claim my style but Imma break em on down,
But you gotta come unique,
It's the thuggish ruggish sound
That you're lookin for, or searchin for
Everybody boy wanna be like Bone and stay high,
Little kids no longer wanna be like Mike,
That's right they tryin to be like Bone and keep thuggin fo life
Gettin ready for the end, dawg
Wit my nigga Ken Dawg, hustlas, shiftas and Tre,
II Tru, AJ
Same muthafuckas from around my way

(Krayzie, Lazy)
This is how we play,
Every day it's the same old same,
Around my way (around my way)
We be thuggin a-round my way
This is how we play,
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