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Bodeans - Hurt By Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bodeans - Hurt By Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hurt By Love
                          HURT BY LOVE


                          the BoDeans

             G: EADGBe   C: EADGBe  Em: EADGBe
                320003      x32010      x22000

             D: EADGBe   Dsus4: EADGBe Dsus2: EADGBe
                xx0232          xx0234        xx0230

           G         C               G   D
          Boy I've seen some better days
           G                C            G   D
          My old man would always say to me
                   Em         C               G   D
          In your lifetime I pray you never feel
                 Em      C     D  Dsus4-Dsus2
          This broken I got in me
               G                  D
          And all those wishing stars
           G                  Em
          Hang out where you are
                 C    D
          Won't save me


                G          C   D        G-C-D
           And anyone can be hurt by love
            G                      D                 G   D
           Anyone can see their heartstrings come undone
                          G             C                  G-D
           You take the strong ones or weak ones just the same
                     G                    C          D
           When it comes down to love sometimes it comes down to

           2nd verse:

           And boy in this crazy world of fear
           Well it just ain't worth the price of wasted years
           Glimpse that golden dream and let it fade away
           No I can't pretend today
           And I stumble in and out
           This confidence and doubt
           All I really know

           Is anyone can be.... (repeat chorus)

           There are more difficult ways to play this song but these chords sound just 
good to me.  And it is in the key of G.

Добавлено: 09.07.2012
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