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Bobby Darin - The Proper Gander - текст песни, видео

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Bobby Darin - The Proper Gander - текст песни, видео

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There was a white mouse consultation 
      Down at the county fair 
      All the church mice, field mice and not 
         so nice mice 
      Everybody gathered there 
      You see the muckidy muck he was 
         speakin', tellin' them where it was at 
      He said hear, hear there ain't nothin' to fear 
      Except a three eyed Siamese cat 
      And the crowd was stunned 
      See, no single mouse had ever seen one 
      He said don't be scared 
      We're prepared. 

      Then he held up a great big picture 
      So every mouse could see 
      What a three eyed Siamese cat looked like 
      The face of the enemy 
      And the crowd let out such a shudder 
      As they lined up file and rank 
      Starin' at a twenty foot picture frame 
      Surroundin' a twenty foot blank 
      Just empty space 
      But every single mouse 
      Swore he saw a face 
      He said don't be scared 
      We're prepared 

      Then the muckidy much started screamin' 
      Yellin' till his voice gave out 
      He said now that you've seen what the 
         cat looks like 
      Gonna tell you what he's all about 
      He said he don't eat cheese on Friday 
      And he goes around lickin' his paws 
      He's awful mean and he loves to keep clean 
      And believes in changin' laws 
      And the crowd went wild 
      And every mouse began to fear for his child 
      Don't scared 
      We're prepared. 

      Now two times two is forty-five 
      The muckidy muck explained 
      And the flat side of the moon is green 
      And the farmer don't need no rain 
      And the night is light and might is right 
      And Supermouse is on our side 
      And the three eyed Siamese cat's a plague 
      From which nobody can hide 
      And the mice all cringed 
      The whiskers of that cat would soon 
         be singed 
      Don't be scared 
      We're prepared. 

      Then the muckidy muck started singin' 
      Through his great paternal grin 
      And the church mice, field mice 
      All the patriotic mice 
      Everybody chimed right in 
      They sang this land is mice land 
      Mice country tis of thee 
      Well my father took it from the beaver rat 
      Nobody's gonna take it from me 
      And the mice all cheered 
      The sound that they were makin' sure 
         was weird 
      Dont' be scared 
      We're prepared. 

      Then the muckidy muck said line up here 
      Everybody give a buck 
      To fight the three eyed Siamese cat 
         takes money 
      And a little bit of luck 
      We've got a million of our best young mice 
      To go out and volunteer 
      To give up what they're livin' for 
      To make the cat disappear 
      Let's give 'em a hand 
      We don't want that cat invadin' our land 
      No way 
      We're not scared 
      We're prepared. 

      Then a mighty strange thing happened 
      Guess you could call it fate 
      You see, a gust of wind blew the picture 
         frame down 
      And it landed on the muckidy muck's head 
      And the mice they all went crazy 
      For the first time they saw the lie 
      It was all a hoax on just simple folks 
      And the muckidy muck must die 
      And die he did 
      The members of his staff they just fled 
      They were scared 
      Just not prepared.
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