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Bob Wayne - 2012 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bob Wayne - 2012 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bob Wayne
                                Bob Wayne -  2012

Tabbed by:Espen77


Intro: Dm

Dm                      C                           G                            Dm
I remember when grandad sat me down and told me all about the way things used to be.
Dm                                C
He's first ride was an old Harley he lived in the depression it was pretty narly,
G                                      Dm
and how he almost died in the marine core.
Dm                                    C
Well looking back at all these things it's been a while now since grandad been dead,
G                                               Dm
even in my short life there's been a lot of change.
Dm                          C
The economy is slowly dying the buslocks they are multiplying,
G                                   Dm
things just aint what they used to be.
Dm                                C
Now I aint sure we're heading for but it dont look good down to the core,
G                                                               Dm
all the fighting and the killing and the bombing that are going on.
Dm                                             C
We got a lot of diseases and not a lot of cure and the america's for sale
                           G                                           Dm
and the rest of the world, it's the arabs and the chinese that are buying.

C                      G           Dm
And they're telling me 2012's the end
C                 G              Dm
and if it is then sign me up friend
C                  G           F
cause I aint going down like some kind of clown
C                  G            Dm
I'll stand up and fight to the end.

Dm                                                       C
Well those are just the things of the humanity sight you wanna talk some more
                   G                              Dm
let's take a ride, out there to the big old universe.
Dm                                          C
We got the sun up there to keeping us alive with the solarstorms knocking out
                G                                     Dm
our satelites, we're talking Katrina times a tousand ten.
Dm                                           C
Imagine that the whole worlds power went out you could'nt get to your bank account
G                                            Dm
well it wont matter, you cant eat a dollar bill.
Dm                                              C
It's gonna come down to kill or get killed your gas will run out and blood will spill,
G                                             Dm
how long you think the food will last at Wallmart.
Dm                              C
Not to mention the supervolcano brewing up underneath Yellowstone,
G                                         Dm
it shows we're heading into a volcanic winter.
Dm                                    C
It'll happend again it happend before just ask our friends the dinosaurs,
G                               Dm
but wait a second they're all dead.


Dm                                              C
Well anything's possible but nothing's for sure all I'm saying
                     G                                 Dm
that it dont hurt to be prepared for a making some change.
Dm                                    C
I cought buying something made in USA take a little pride every day
G                                     Dm
and this great big country that we call home.
Dm                                              C
Well do something nice to your friend next door think twice before youy call your wife a hore,
G                                                    Dm
it's the little things in life life that makes it count.
Dm                                  C
Well maybe 2012 aint the end at all but a new beginning for us all,
G                              Dm
another chance to do things right.

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