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Bob Schneider - Assknocker - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bob Schneider - Assknocker - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bob Schneider

Assknocker - Bob Schneider

This song is really fun to play.  These are the lyrics when I saw him live, 
they may be subject to change.  I wasn't paying attention to how they played 
it, but it is something like this:

Capo 2nd

Chorus X2
(C)All I wanna do is rock this motherfucker all night (G)long ya'll
Non stop until the crack of (F)dawn ya'll
Ass-Knockin till you can't go (C)on ya'll
Stop over with the goodies and get it on 

(Am)Rock the house party like Freddie King 
(C)Drop the F bomb like it was no big thing
(F)Fuckin up the system like a psychopath
(G)Bringin' madd knowledge like Sylvia Plath
(Am)Bringing all the juice like I was Aquaman
(C)Fling the funky fat far across the land
(F)Teach the whole world to sing my song
(G)So we can all get together and all get along

Chorus X2

Vive la fiesta in the old school way
Bust out some old Scorps or some Kid N Play
I gotta take it up,  to the 5th degree
Like I was taught to do by my main man master gee
Maxin and relaxin' feelin' the booty groove
Doing all the shit that I'm supposed to do
People coming up,   askin me
How'd a boy from Yipsilanti like you get to be 
Such a bad motherfucker on the M I C
I said sure as shit  it comes naturally cause

Добавлено: 17.10.2013
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