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Bob Lind - San Francisco Woman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bob Lind - San Francisco Woman - аккорды и текст, видео

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San Francisco Woman
Bob Lind
San Francisco Woman:Bob Lind.
#135 on BB (Bubbling Under) Hot 100
on WORLD PACIFIC Records in 1966.


G                              C
City sidewalks guide her feet, up the hill to 

Stanyan Street.
G          D           G    C
Ran out of money yesterday, she doesn't have a 
G        C
place to stay.
C7                                    F
Suitcase carries everything she owns, she can't 
                 Dm7       F
afford to take a Greyhound home.
    D                       Gm7  G
But don't expect to see her cry, she's a San Francisco 
       Dm        Cm         F  Gm7
woman, she knows how to get by.

G          D       G         D     C
When she's down to seeds and stems and pawned off 

everything she can.
G            D         G         D        C
She's got no problems, she's got friends, glad to pull 

her up again.
    C7                                F
And when she's over on the other end, she'll get the 

chance to do the same for them.
    D                        Gm7
So, don't feel sorry for the girl, she's a San Francisco 
G      Am7                 F     G C
woman, she can live in her world.

G    Dm                    D      C        Am7   C
Good times keep within her reach, midnight walks along 
the beach.
         D              Gm7          Dm  C
And when she's home and friends come up, they drink wine 

out of paper cups.
C7                                           F
She loves the people and the life she lives, she won't 
Am7           F
apologize for what she is.
D                    Gm7                       Am7    G
So, don't expect her to, she's a San Francisco woman, she 
             Am7  F
knows how to make do.

G                        Dm          G          C
She's a down home woman, she's not a queen, and when her 
                       G       D       G
grass is not so green..she can live on rice and beans,
    C        Am7         C
and wash her clothes without machines.
C7                                  F
And when she's down without a dime, she'll recover every time.
D                          Gm7                        G
She'll never shiver in the rain, he's a San Francisco woman,
Am7       C          F         D
she knows how to maintain..oh, yeah! 

        G             Am7 G    Am7                  F    D
She's a San Francisco, she knows how to maintain..
        G             Am7 G    C         Bb         F    Bb F
She's a San Francisco, she knows how to maintain..

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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