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Bob Kauflin - O Great God - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bob Kauflin - O Great God - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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O Great God
Bob Kauflin
Intro D

Verse 1

        D                         Em    D/F#   G
O great God of highest heav'n occupy my lowly heart

       D                              G     A     D
Own it all and reign supreme, conquer every rebel pow'r

A      Bm      G   D             Bm         G    A
Let no vice or sin remain that resists your holy war

         G         A         D           G        A   D
You have loved and purchased me, make me yours forevermore

Verse 2

      D                         Em      D/F#      G
I was blinded by my sin, had no ears to hear your voice

        D                             G         A        D
Did not know your love within, had no taste for heaven's joys

A         Bm     G       D            Bm      G       A
Then your Spirit gave me life, opened up your word to me

            G      A       D            G       A        D
Through the Gospel of your Son, gave me endless hope and peace

Verse 3

        D                         Em        D/F#    G
Help me now to live a life that's dependent on your grace

       D                              G     A      D
Keep heart and guard my soul from the evils that I face

A       Bm     G     D               Bm    G           A
You are worthy to be praised with my every thought and deed

        G      A       D            G       A            D
O great God of highest heav'n, glorify your name through me
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