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Bob Dylan - Standing In The Doorway - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bob Dylan - Standing In The Doorway - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Standing In The Doorway
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan – Standing in the doorway
From the album Time Out Of mind
Tab by Marshtin

There many ways of playing this, use random variations.

Dylan uses this riff: (If your playing alone, it's sound good to play it after the C#m)

|------------------|  … and then you can go back to the G#m. 

or the same riff can be played like this: (you can use a glissando)

|------------------| .. and then back to the E 

(E: 022100)
E: 476454
Abm: 466444
C#m: x 11 11 9 9 9
E: x 11 9 9 9 x
(A: 002220)
(Dsus2: xx0230)
A: 577655
Dsus2: 557755
B: 224442
B: 799877
F#: 244322
Esus4: 022200

E(or E)      Abm     C#m        Abm
I'm walking through the summer nights 
E    Abm   C#m   Abm 
Jukebox playing low
E         Abm        C#m           Abm
Yesterday everything was going too fast 
E        Abm           C#m  Abm 
Today, it's moving too slow
A              Dsus2        A Dsus2
I got no place left to turn 
A                 Dsus2    A  - B (B on 7th fret) 
I got nothing left to burn 
E                Abm                C#m                 Abm 
Don't know if I saw you, if I would kiss you or kill you
E                     Abm                C#m Abm 
It probably wouldn't matter to you anyhow
A           E(Esus)  B               F#     F# - Ab - A(5th fret)
You left me standing in the doorway, crying
I got nothing to go back to now
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