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Bob Dylan - Planet Waves - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bob Dylan - Planet Waves - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Planet Waves
Bob Dylan
       Hey this is my second Album Tab For Dylan and this one is great
     Hope ya like it......let me know if it doesnt sound right...

                          Tabbed By Doc

   1 On A Night Like This
                Caop 1

(E   A   E)

On a night like this
So glad you came around,

Hold on to me so tight
And heat up some coffee grounds.
We got much to talk about
    A           Am/F#
And much to reminisce,
It sure is right
     B          E
On a night like this.

On a night like this
So glad you've come to stay
Hold on to me, pretty miss
Say you'll never go away to stray.
Run your fingers down my spine
Bring me a touch of bliss
It sure feels right
On a night like this.

On a night like this
I can't get any sleep,
The air is so cold outside
And the snow's so deep.
Build a fire, throw on logs
And listen to it hiss
And let it burn, burn, burn, burn
On a night like this.
Put your body next to mine
And keep me company,
 There is plenty a room for all,
So please don't elbow me.
Let the four winds blow
Around this old cabin door,
If I'm not too far off
I think we did this once before.
There's more frost on the window glass
With each new tender kiss,
But it sure feels right
On a night like this.

2 Going Going Gone

Am   Dm   |Am   Dm

I've just reached a place
Where the willow don't bend.
There's not much more to be said
/C       Bb
It's the top of the end.
I'm going,
I'm going,
I'm gone.

I'm closin' the book
On the pages and the text
And I don't really care
What happens next.
I'm just going,
I'm going,
I'm gone.

I been hangin' on threads,
I been playin' it straight,
Now, I've just got to cut loose
Before it gets late.
So I'm going,
I'm going,
I'm gone.
Am                                     G
Grandma said, "Boy, go and follow your heart
G                         C/G        G
And you'll be fine at the end of the line.
G                     C/G      G
All that's gold isn't meant to shine.
      Am                    C         D       /(C
Bb Bb A)
Don't you and your one true love ever part."
I been walkin' the road,
I been livin' on the edge,
Now, I've just got to go
Before I get to the ledge.
So I'm going,
I'm just going,
I'm gone

3 Tough Mama

D     Bm
  Tough Mama
  Meat shakin' on your bones
D     Bm
  I'm gonna
  go down to the river and get some stones.
Bm                                A
Sister's on the highway with that steel-drivin' crew,
Bm                           F#m     Em       G
Papa's in the big house, his workin' days are through.
C     G
Tough Mama
Can I blow a little smoke on you?

Dark Beauty
Won't you move it on over and make some room?
It's my duty
to bring you down to the field where the flowers bloom.
Ashes in the furnace, dust on the rise,
You came through it all the way, flyin' through the skies.
Dark Beauty
With that long night's journey in your eyes.

Sweet Goddess
Born of a blinding light and a changing wind,
Now, don't be modest,
you know who you are and where you've been.
Jack the Cowboy went up north
He's buried in your past.
The Lone Wolf went out drinking
That was over pretty fast.

Sweet Goddess
Your perfect stranger's comin' in at last.
Silver Angel
With the badge of the lonesome road sewed in your sleeve,
I'd be grateful if this golden ring you would receive.
Today on the countryside it was a-hotter than a crotch,
I stood alone upon the ridge and all I did was watch.
Sweet Goddess
It must be time to carve another notch.

I'm crestfallen
The world of illusion is at my door,
I ain't a-haulin'
any of my lambs to the marketplace anymore.
The prison walls are crumblin', there is no end in sight,
I've gained some recognition but I lost my appetite.
Dark Beauty
Meet me at the border late tonight.

4 Hazel
NOTE>>>>>>The song could equally well be played with C chords and a capo on the 4th
Such a version is appended at the end.

The intro is played rather freely (which is a nice way of saying that they aren't
Добавлено: 16.12.2013
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