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Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zerono Limit - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zerono Limit - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Love Minus Zerono Limit
Bob Dylan
My[C] love she speaks like silence,[G] [F]without ideals or[C] violence,
[G] [F]She doesn't have to say she's[C] faithful,
Yet[Dm] she's true, like[F] ice, like[G] fire.
[C]People carry roses,[G] [F]and make promises by the[C] hours,
[G] [F]My love she laughs like the[C] flowers,
[Dm]Valentines[F] can't[G] buy her.

In the[C] dime stores and bus stations,[G] [F]people talk of situ[C]ations,
[G] [F]Read books, repeat quo[C]tations,
Draw con[Dm]clusions[F] on the[G] wall.
[C]Some speak of the future,[G] [F]my love she speaks[C] softly,
[G] [F]She knows there's no success like[C] failure
And that [Dm]failure's no[F] success at[G] all.

The[C] cloak and dagger dangles,[G] [F]madams light the[C] candles.
[G] [F]In ceremonies of the[C] horsemen,
Even the[Dm] pawn must[F] hold a[G] grudge.
[C]Statues made of match sticks [G] [F] crumble into one a[C]nother,
[G] [F]My love winks, she does not[C] bother,
She [Dm]knows too much to[F] argue or to[G] judge.

The[C] bridge at midnight trembles,[G] [F]the country doctor [C]rambles,
[G] [F]Bankers' nieces seek per[C]fection,
Expecting[Dm] all the gifts [F]that wise men[G] bring.
[C]The wind howls like a hammer,[G] [F]the night blows cold and[C] rainy,
[G] [F]My love she's like some[C] raven
At my[Dm] window with a[F] broken [G]wing.
Добавлено: 09.12.2013
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