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Bo Burnham - My Better Half - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bo Burnham - My Better Half - аккорды и текст, видео

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My Better Half
Bo Burnham
                             My Better Half - Bo Burnham
Tabbed by: pewpewguitar (Sean Andrea)

Tuning: Standard

OK this is my first tab, not sure how the whole template works exactly, but I'll give it 
I just wanted to figure this song out for myself because it wasn't on here, but now that 
 I figured I might as well share.

Also, I'm not sure how on earth you get the chord diagrams to
 show up, so I'll just leave it to you to figure out the chords, pretty easy though.

**QUICK NOTE** There's a few parts in this song where he puts his hand up to the 10th 
 plays the strings kind of muted, not sure what it's called but for the sake of 
here I'll just say (10th muffled) mmk?

Anyways, lissen' to the song for timing and strumming patterns and whatnot.

So for the first verse you pick these notes, just a Em chord and a G chord. Play 2x for intro.
        Em                                   G

you filled the hole that pierced my soul, i promised that i'd find
someone willing to take a run, round pleasures of my mind
am i perv? cause every nerv is cravin for your touch
Em                                D        (10th muffled)
you make me laugh youre my better half, though you weigh twice as much

Strum D a few times here.

Em G
350 pounds of love
Em         C7M  
you mustve fell from up above
Em             G              D
and killed the townspeople below
(10th muffled)
you had a crush and you let it show
Em     G                   Em         C7M  
when i want to pleasure you i need an expedition crew
Em             G          D (pick the high e string a few times)
with all those trips to KFC, you eat out more than me.

Em  G  Em  C7M      Em  G  

(Now for this verse go back to picking like the first verse)

we look just like the number 10
when you stand next to me
is it your stare that pulls me in?
or just gravity
you mix mayonnaise with your scotch
youre the perfect spouse
(Start strumming Em chord here) D (strum once)
last week we went on a whale watch
(10th muffled)
The boat drove to your house.

Strum the D chord a few times then go to chorus.

Em G
350 pounds of pain
Em             C7M  
when you exhale al gore goes insane
Em       G
whenever we make out
D (10th muffled)
i taste jam and sauerkraut

Em           G                Em               C7M  
we went on a sailing trip you fell and floated beside the ship
Em     G                     D
then a boat docked on your pants
(pick the high e string while keeping the D chord)
and said "i claim this island in the name of france."

Em G Em C7M   Em G D

Alrighty, now heres a note, I'm not sure if these chords are right, but they sound kinda 
what he playes so I'll put 'em on.

Em                    G                Em
then you did what i feared you dissapeared
Em      G      C7M        Em
saying this was something new
Em       G     Em        G
lyposuction, breast reduction
and what came home wasnt you
no no no no it wasnt you it was

Em G
120 pounds of hate,
Em            C7M  
and you said, "i look great."
Em           G                  D
and when the nurse removed the fat, they found the neighbors cat

Em     G
i just paused and said to her
Em         C7M  
i loved you just the way you were
Em       G                 D
then she smiled and for my sake
D                 Em G Em C7M  
said, "pass the caaaaaaaaaaaaake!"
Em        Em G Em D
pass the caaaaaaake
            Em G Em C7M  
Pass the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake
           Em G   D
Pass the caaaaaaaake

Anyways, thats it, hope its satisfactory, comment or send me an e-mail. peaceee
Добавлено: 26.05.2012
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