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Blur - Threadneedle Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Blur - Threadneedle Street - аккорды и текст, видео

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Threadneedle Street
Blur - Threadneedle Street

The time has come

Not to be cautious

G                         F#
He must be careful not to make mistakes

D              B       C             D#
For every half hour in twenty-four

A#            A
An operations rose

G#               G
Faster than they did yesterday

D#                     C                       G#
And the lending rate's on your side so they're won't be

Much of a problem

B                     A#
Then passed midnight, there is a rise

A                 G#
When everybody's asleep at home

E          C#           A
He becomes nervous, and sees a change

Today futures

C       B       A#      A       F       
D       D#      G

A                      G#
Watch the markets move from the screen

G                F#
In a pocket in a grey flannel suit

D               B
Read tomorrow's crash today

    C                   D#
And check your pulse

A#           A
Waste metals rolled onto the curb

G#                     G
And softs dropped in a summer term

D#           C               G#
Sugar melted in a mouth of a rude girl

Who knew a better option

B                      A#
He thinks for a while, and it could be

A                     G#
A long time before he thinks again

E                        C#          A
And then he looks at the papers, and looks again

Today futures

C       B       A#      A       F       D

D#    G
Today futures, futures, ...

E -----------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------|
G ---p----p--------p---p------3-2-0--|
D --5-0--3-0------5-0-3-0------------|
A -----------3-2----------3-2--------|
E -----------------------------------|
Добавлено: 10.10.2015
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