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Blue Rodeo - One More Night - аккорды и текст, видео

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Blue Rodeo - One More Night - аккорды и текст, видео

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One More Night
Blue Rodeo

Verse 1
Came into the world with his eyes wide open
Knew what it was all about
Grew into a man the sun just followed
Knew himself inside out
Oh, we'd watch him go to work each day
Come back underneath the moonlit night

Verse 2
Hid and laugh and talk and always safe behind the walls
Nobody knew too much about them
They never even answered calls
Well, his wife was small and pretty like a shell illuminated by the light

Bridge 1
Well I know there is a plan but at least from where I stand
I would love to take the place of that man
For just one night

Verse 3
Sometimes situations seem too perfect to be true
People talk and shake their heads the way that people do
You know that small towns show no mercy
And they see their envy in a different light.

Verse 4
Woke up late to a big commotion 
I wonder what it was all for
Voices screaming in the darkness
Fire and smoke next door
There was someone lying on the lawn
And someone trapped behind the firelight.

Bridge 2
Oh what could we say as we watched life slip away?
There was nothing we could do to make it right
Not on that night.

Chorus 1
Ah leave me here. I sit stretched out on the lawn
I don't think anybody's gonna miss me when I'm gone.
Life is my enemy. It took my very best
And left me here to cast away 
The shadows and sort through the mess
Struggle to get by with all my mind
For one more night

Guitar Solo

Verse 5
See a man walking in the streets
With nothing in his eyes.
People stop and say hello
He's always acts surprised
Well he'd jump back kind of nervous
Like a boxer who'd rather walk away than fight

Verse 6
Just like all them thunderstorms we knew the day would come.
When they talked about it later no one even knew he had a gun
Well they found him with a picture of his wife beside him
Such a peaceful site.

Bridge 3
And if God is looking down on this little life we found
I'll say you pushed that man until he couldn't fight
Not for one more night.

Chorus 2
Same as Chorus 1



This song uses the effective technique of using a Minor key for the verse 
and a Major for the Bridge and Chorus.  

I transcribed it at a tempo of 168 BPM.
It could be argued that the tempo is 84 BPM. 
I chose the higher tempo because it creates smaller sections of music.
Example: Instead of Verse 1 and 2 being 16 bars each, they would be combined 
into a single verse of 32 bars, if we counted 84 BPM.  The song will sound the same either way.

Every single chord symbol indicates one measure (4 beats of music)

A chord followed by a number, indicates the total number of measures the chord is played.
Example:  Gm(8)  means play Gm for 8 bars.

A slash indicates two chords played in a single measure.
Example:  Bb/F indicates one measure, containing 2 beats of Bb and 2 beats of F.

NC indicates "No Chord" for a single measure.
s/a means "same as"

Note:   Bridge 1 is two bars longer than Bridges 2 and 3. 
        The extra bars are Gm s added to the end

        Verse 5 is two bars shorter than the other verses, for a similar reason.

        This un-symmetrical timing occurs a lot in Blue Rodeo songs.  

ONE MORE NIGHT          mm= 168   Key of Gm

Intro - 8 Bars (Organ Only on first 4 bars)     Gm(8)

V1 - 16 Bars Total -            Gm(8)   C(4)    Gm(4)

V2 - s/a V1

BR1 - 12 Bars Total -           Bb/F    C 
                                Bb/F    C 
                                Bb      F       C       NC
                                Gm (4)
V3 - s/a V1
V4 - s/a V1

BR2 - 10 Bars Total -           Bb/F            C 
                                Bb/F            C 
                                Bb      F       C        NC
                                Gm (2)

CH1 - 24 Bars Total-            Bb(2)   F(2)    Eb(3)           F 
                                Bb   F    Eb   F 
                                Gm (4)

GTR Solo - 24 Bars Total s/a CH1

V5 - 14 Bars Total -            Gm(8)   C(4)    Gm(2)
V6 - 16 Bars Total -            Gm(8)   C(4)    Gm(4)

BR3   s/a BR2
CH2 - s/a CH1

Outro - 24 Bars Total - Organ Solo -    Gm(24)
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