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Blue Rodeo - God and Country - аккорды и текст, видео

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Blue Rodeo - God and Country - аккорды и текст, видео

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God and Country
Blue Rodeo
"God and Country" Blue Rodeo

From LP Diamond Mine - 1989

E     022100
B     024442 or 799877
A     x02220 or 577655
G#m   466444
F#m   244222

|E |E |E |

|E      |            |B
Forever lost in comparisons
        |A          |G#m
Between you and the better man
            |A     G#m  |F#m
Yeah you're always so  quick
          |B   |
To take a bow

            |E                   |B
I've got to laugh at your circus sympathy
         |A           |G#m
And your postcard sincerity
          |A          |F#m
Don't you ever get tired
               |B    |
Of being yourself

             |G#m         |A
It's getting so hard to find you
                                (So hard to find you)
       |E                |B
As you fade into your world of reprisal
                               (Oh oh oh oh)
    |F#m     |G#m        |A    |
As you slip into the comfort
|           |B    |
  Of your denial
|      A         |B    |
  Your patriotic smile
|       A        |B     |
  Your go down in style

|          |E                         |B
  And you say that you're not to blame
  Yeah you're proud of what you did
          |G#m        |
And you'd do it again
|A   G#m      |F#m              |B   |
 All in the name of God and country

|              |E                       |B
  But that's too bad about the little snag
                 |A                   |
  'Cause getting caught is such a drag
 |A   G#m    |F#m              |B   |
Even in the name of God and country

             |G#m             |A
Still you're all the same to me
                             (you're all the same to me)
            |E                         |B
You're just trying to make points on national TV
                             (Oh oh oh oh oh)
         |F#m        |G#m       |A    |
Yeah you try to make points for God
           |B   |
God and country
|     A           |B    |
  You call this justice
|      A        |B       |B    |
I call this self-service

|F |F |A |G#m |A G#m |F#m |B |

      |E                |B
And I hope that I never find
What you call good conscience
Or peace of mind
    |A      G#m |F#m                |B   |
As another man dies for God and country

           |E                                 |B
'Cause I'm sure while you're sitting there talking
         |A          |G#m
Well the bombs are falling

|A  G#m     |F#m
All in the name
      |A  G#m     |F#m
Whoa, all in the name
      |A  G#m     |F#m   B         |E    |E  |A  |A  |
Whoa, all in the name of God and country

[Repeat to fade]

|E  |E  |A  |A  |
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