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Bloodshed - Rainy Days - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bloodshed - Rainy Days - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rainy Days
		   Artist-Rainy Days(Bloodshed and Unashamed)

Intro- D   A7sus  G      ?     Em7somethingorother
     E-2      3       3       3      3
     B-3      3       3       3      3
     G-2      2       0       0      0
     D-0      2       0       0      0 
     A-0      0       2       0      2     
     E-x      x       3       2      0

Intro Riff- E-5/17x4 then  19-17-19-17-21-17-19-17 Repeat till verse

Verse- D A G F/G Em
       G-7  x  x  x    0          
       D-7  7  5  5    2          
       A-5  7  5  5    2          
       E-x  5  3  2    0

D               A               G       F/G Em
We're your soldiers my Lord
D          A               G   F/G   Em    
Instruments of your redamation 
D                        A                    G
F/G  Em                       


One by one we're takin' back the souls of the people that you've created    
D                   A             G                         F/G      Em   
War by war in victory we fight your fight that you've already 
D       A   G   F/G    Em
one    O-Oh-Oh
D        A     G     F/G    Em

As we run our flags for'd
Nations fall under your malitia
But ev'ry now and then we hit an instalation 
Thats thick defended
G we call the special op's and let the sneaky
Boys take that mother down

G                           A
During every war we fight
G                         A
After every war we win
G                                 A
This is this-the-song we sing 
                            C B A
And this songs for you
D   A    G   F/G   Em

Sometimes the guitar may sound funny if your playing with the Cd but its
right,trust me.     
Добавлено: 20.06.2013
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