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Blend - Such A Long Way - таба, видео

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Blend - Such A Long Way - таба, видео

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Artist : The Blend
Title : Such A Long Way
Album : The Blend
Transcribed By : Paul Nolan (

This is a great acoustic track, a good one to perform live.

Tuning : (down half a step)  E A D G B d

Chords used : Bb  (x35050)
              Am7 (x02010)
              Em  (022000)
              C1  (x32030)
              G   (320000)

Intro :
         Bb    Am7    Em    C1    (x2)

Verse 1 :

         Bb                 Am7                            Em

           Such a long way home now, I hope ....

                                    C1                     Bb

           You could have leant on me if you ...

(repeat chord structure throughout the whole verse)

Chorus :

         G       Em             Am7       Dsus

           Come on and make my day,        ...such a long way.

         G       Em                     Am7

                     ...Look who's to blame,


             ...your throwing it all away.

Structure :  Intro
             Verse 1
             Verse 2

Thats about it, for full lyric listings, comments or corrections,
e-mail me.
Добавлено: 22.08.2013
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