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Bleeding Hearts - For Another Day - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bleeding Hearts - For Another Day - аккорды и текст, видео

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For Another Day
Bleeding Hearts
For another day

By the Bleeding Hearts

Tabbed by Jim Barrow

This is a great song by a little-known band. Hope you like it!!


|Am		|Em		|Am		|G
|Am		|Em		|Am		|G	Am	|N.C		|

Verse 1

	 Am				   Em
Like a fish out of water, we are drowning.

	 Am					     G
Like a rich man in the ghetto, we're not begging men, we are thieves.

	 Am						Em
Like a god giving orders, the world keeps turning.

	 Am					    G			 Am
Like a drunkard in an alley, we're just pissing up the wall


		C G		   Am
Hoping it's alright in the morning and the sun'll shine,

	    C G			Am
Yeah it's alright for another day

Mini instrumental break

|Am		|Em		|Am		|G	Am

Verse 2

	 Am				     Em
Like a drug we are junkies we keep taking

	 Am				     G
Like a soldier in a battle we just shoot before we care

	 Am				    Em
Like a dog in a pack shitting and fighting

	 Am					 G			Am
Like a model in stilettos we're just praying we don't fall


Instramental break

|Am		|Em		|Am		|G	Em
|Am		|Em		|Am		|G	Am


	G							  Am
If we light the fire on top of the hill would the beacon burn forever?

	   G							 Am
Would it light the sky, turn our eyes to another side of heaven?

		 G					   Am
Or would the devils shout, put it out, speak words that sound so clever?

Would they hide the lies behind a child's cries,

make us feel that they know better

Chorus x 2


|Am		|Em		|Am		|G
|Am		|Em		|Am		|G	Am

Добавлено: 29.09.2013
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