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Blanca - Surrender - аккорды и текст, видео

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Blanca - Surrender - аккорды и текст, видео

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Em  C  G  Am  
Em  C  G  Am

Verse 1:

Em                      C       G
I've never been one to just let go
                       Am    Em
Thinkin' I can do this on my own
                       C        G
Here I am once again, out of control
Em                          C          G
All the right words coming out when I pray
                         Am    Em
Even though my heart is miles away
                          C           G
Only me to blame I'm the star of the show
Em                     C     G
I'm reaching for some-thin' real
    D/F#           Em
I'm done playin' pretend
          C       G    D
Carry me back to You again


G                   Am
You can take all of me
Em                       C
Ev'ry little piece I'm holding
G                   Am
You can invade the very 
Em                    D
Heart of me 'til I surrender
       G            Am        
I'm raising my hands
      Em          C
I'm waving my flag
G                     Am
You can take all of me
Em         D   
All of me, I surrender
Em  C  G   Am
Yay,    yay

Verse 2:

Em                      C           G
So, here it is, all my good and my bad
                               Am   Em 
Walls are coming down like an aval-anche
                            C        G      Am
I don't want to fight this love any-more, no
Em                C   G 
I've been afraid too long
D/F#             Em
Hiding from the truth
                 C    G
I need to free, free fall into You

Repeat Chorus


Am                     Em             G
All the fear, all the shame inside of me
All the pride, ev'ry insecurity
Am                     Em            G
All the guilt of the secrets that I keep
Take it all, take it all
Am                 Em                G
Every hope, every dream, make them Yours
Be the center of all I'm living for
Am                 Em          G
Let You in like I never have before
         D           G
Take it all, take it all
Am   Em    C
Oh - whoa, mmm
G                     Am  Em   D
You can have all of me,     yay,oh

Repeat Chorus


G          Am    Em
Oh - whoa, oh - whoa
I surrender
G                   Am  Em
You can take all of me, all of me
I surrender
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